Roman site

Cerro de la Muela Field School offers hands-on experience in excavation and laboratory study of a roman archaeological site. 

The Field School offers a three-week intensive course in which you will be in touch with fieldwork and laboratory practices. The program is designed to introduce you to the archaeological process from surveying, data collection, analysis, and historical interpretation.

It is a most interesting roman military settlement placed between the roman cities of Segobriga and Ercávica. The highlight of the site is a quadrangular building of unknown function that could have served as a military garrison (roman castellum), as a horreum or as a place where to transform lapis specularis, the first known crystal to be used in windows (Plinius. Naturalis Historia. XXXVI, 161) which brought economic prosperity to the region in the time of Augustus.

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Link to Roman Spain. by S.J. Keay (Google Book)


Cerro de la Muela 2014 cleaning the ground

Cerro de la Muela 2014 diggin togetherCerro de la Muela 2014, trowel talk

Cerro de la Muela 2014, a siecle appearCerro de la Muela 2014, first aid for an iron tool

Cerro de la Muela 2014, crew drawing in Cuenca museum